An engineer turned humanities scholar turned visual artist.

Exploring how to use artificial intelligence as an artistic tool, largely starting from photographs. Using my inner world and experiences to reflect the complexity and contradictions of the contemporary world. Making art prints, video, interactive installations.

I want my works either to reflect my inner world and experiences, or to express the complexities and contradictions of the contemporary reality. Works that look like snapshots from a story, which at the same time is my own and to be filled in by the viewer. Works in which the reality is mixed with a dream, which document a specific time and place, yet also contain a timeless, always recurring reality. Works which reflect a human being caught within a web of change and rest, facing an uncertain future, hoping and worrying, attempting to make sense of it all.

Thus, for me artificial intelligence is a tool. I am not after building an autonomous, creative machine. Rather, I want to give expression to my own vision, perception and experience using, for instance, neural networks as tools.

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