Transformative and generative in neural art

Instead of talking about GANs and the like, the how of neural art, I want to address the level of what an artist wants to do, and introduce a conceptual divide between transformative and generative processes.
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Neural art: some practical problems

While generative processes tend to get most publicity, transformative processes are usually easier and more reliable to use: the artist can directly proceed to express herself. However, somewhat paradoxically, in my own work it often turns out that generative processes can also satisfy transformative goals, however always requiring much exploration instead of going directly to expression.
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Augmentative tools and democracy in art

While it looks like using AI to augment human creative capabilities makes more sense than developing autonomous creative machines, it is not immediately obvious how augmentation can work so as to surpass the banal level of instant gratification. Here, I suggest that in order to support individual creativity in a meaningful way, we also need AI assisted tools to develop the perceptive faculties of the human actor.
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